2009-12-30    SUN and MOON

Cosmically speaking, the man carries the energy and the radiance of the sun, the female represents the moon, the lunar energy. She waxes and wanes. He does not. The sun is stationary, shining, and warm in spite of the clouds. The moon is bright, beatiful, and reflecting. Take these two elements and you can understand the character of man and woman. She shines her brightest reflecting the light of the sun. Reflect your man and you’ve got him. And if he’s warm and shining, firm, stationary, and stable, he wins her heart. Does that mean woman does not have her own identity? No, simply they are different. Without the moon to nourish and sustain, whatever grows from the solar energy will not last. Male and female are meant to complement and supplement each other. He is the seeder, she is the nourisher and sustainer. She is meant to contain the male, just as the word female contains the male.
/ Shakti Parwha Kaur Kalsa /